Amy Bagshaw Art Installation Georgian College

Installation Reminders

Collected for over two decades, thousands of handwritten lists consider the performance of list writing, collecting, goal setting, and the satisfaction of completing daily tasks/feeling useful. This series observes a transformation of the discarded into ephemera and art. Here, the lists shift from their original purposes – which capture the mundane, acts of the privileged, actions that prepare and maintain the important moments and habits of lives – into reminders of that time, long ago.

Without specific reference to exactly when each list was made, “Reminders” reflects on archaic modes of communication marked with line. Collaborators who are all women, include their lists alongside mine in this large scale, wall installation. Affixed to the wall with two pins, the lists become sculptural, textural, and in various stages of stain and decay. This installation considers and visually reads as an enormous weight of fragile papers- the mountain of how we fill our days and the accumulation of time.